About me

I am Ruud Schilders from the Roosendaal area, the Netherlands.
On this page I will tell a little bit about me.
If you want to know more, contact me on my Matrix account:


I am married to Esra, and we have 2 kids.


I work as a freelance database admin, mainly Postgres, Oracle and SQL Server.



I love music.
I collect vinyl and CDs.
Also, I am a volunteer for the Top 40 (Top 40-Ambassadeur).


I play pool (and sometimes snooker). I have played in the Dutch 1e klasse, and the 2e divisie.
Now I play in the local competition at Sport Pub Goes.


Next to working in IT, I also enjoy various things related to computer/internet in my free time.
One thing I do is host some stuff (like this blog), for example:

  • Matrix, a chat tool
  • Mastodon, a self-hosted, de-centralized Twitter-alternative
  • Peertube, a self-hosted, de-centralized Youtube-alternative